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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Common Craft Show

If you are trying to teach modern computer science concepts to your students, especially those that have to do with web 2.0 in your computer science classroom, you will probably like The Common Craft Show. It is a series of videos produced with a white board and a few drawings on paper. But the simplicity works well as it makes concepts that are somewhat complex easier to understand. The videos are said to be in plain English so even your grandma could understand concepts like social media, twitter, web search strategy, phishing scams, podcasting, online photo sharing or blogs. The free versions of the videos are for "non-commercial" use, meaning that commerical organizations can't display the videos without their permission. However, if you need to use them for commercial use, there is a video store where you can purchase a license. I hope you will like these little videos... I do!

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