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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Study Stack

Today, this resource is a little treasure for your students who need some help with studying. Both students and teachers can use it. Study Stack is a website that lets you enter data that you need to memorize for a test (or just because you want to remember it). Once the data is entered, you can easily produce flashcards, study stack, study table, matching exercise, hangman game, crossword, word search game, unscramble game, fill in the blank and a bug match game. The best thing is that you can even export the data and games for various portable devices such as the iPhone or the iPod. You can also get embed code of the flashcards to include them on your website. Your Study Stacks are available to other users and you can access the Study Stacks produced by other users. You need to create an account to produce your own data, but the site is compatible with Facebook connect. Students can access your content without creating an account. On the picture to the left, I created a Study Stack about the Canadian provinces capital.

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