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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hot Potatoes

You want your student to be more "Web Savvy" by having them practice with exercises on the Web? These types of exercises seem more appealing to your students? You found some websites with exercises on the Web but they do not match the content of what you are teaching to your students or they do not match the curriculum of your region, province, state or country? Why not produce them yourself? You have no experience in coding interactive websites? No problem! “Hot potatoes” is a tool that will fulfill this need easily and painlessly.

This program includes six parts:

JQuiz: will let you produce web-based quizzes using multiple choice, shot answers and true or false questions.
JCross: will let you build crosswords of any size.
JCloze: will let you build fill-in the blanks exercises.
JMatch: will let you build association exercises.
JMix: will let you build jumble exercises.
Masher: will let you build entire learning units.

The program will let you know export the file in Unicode, which means that you can produce exercises in foreign languages. This is very useful if you are teaching French, German, Spanish or other languages. The program will also run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Once the file is exported, all you have to do is to upload it to a web server. "Hot potatoes" does all the formatting for you.

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