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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spelling it Right

"Spelling it Right" is a website providing worksheet for student to learn spelling. Most of the exercices are easy enough to be used at the elementary level. The website is very simple as it is only text-based. There are no graphic or animation, which sometimes make the site too plain, however, it will be very fast loading on a dial-up connection. The worksheets are also text-based, which is not the best format for printing. It would have been better to have formatted PDF ready for printout.

Exercices cover the following topics : syllables, consonants blends, prefixes, suffixes, word endings, vowels and plurals. There are a few interactive games such as a hangman game. There are word search worksheets as well as instructions for other games. For teachers of other subjects, there is a section with word-lists in Science, Maths, English, Geography

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spelling said...

It would have been helpful if Dominic had been a little more careful in checking his own spelling when he reviewed my site. His keyboard seems to have a problem with the letter "s"! But I'm happy with his comments.
Roger Smith