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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nutrition Explorations

Nutrition Explorations is a website for teachers, parents and students dedicated to health through a balance diet. It is sponsored by the National Dairy Council and although it covers all aspect of nutrition, a big emphasis is put on the importance of dairy products in the diet. The look, music and graphics of the site will please elementary school student and make it fun. In the Educators section, you will find ideas on how to implement a School Wellness program as well as lesson plans to teach nutrition. The material is available on the Web and may also be downloaded as printable PDF. It includes student worksheets and artwork. There is also an interactive pyramid for the food groups.

The section for parents includes a Family Guide to eating healthy with ideas and recipes. There are also some tips for busy families. For the students, there are fun and interactive activities such as "Little D the Dragon" or "Monster Nutrition". They can also use the "Nutrition Tracker" to ensure that they eat food from all the food groups.

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