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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Graphic Organizers

"Graphic Organizers" is a great website offering printable graphic organizers in Word or PDF format. Using those tools, students will be able to better organize their ideas when writing text. They can also use those graphic organizers to sort their knowledge in mathematics, science and social studies. There are over 70 organizers that you may download for free on that website.

Graphics organizers may be used to sort information, to compare and contrast, to research, to study, to sequence, to create a hierarchy, to determine cause and effect and to present concepts. Some of the organizers available on this website include : Two-Way and Three-Way Venn diagrams, Spider Web, Who/What/When/Why/How/Where, Compare and Contrast Charts, Comparing Maps, T-Chart, Source Cards, Boolean Search, Research Planning, Division of Labour Chart, Cycle Chart, Event Sequencing, Branching, etc.


Janet said...

Thank you. These are great resources. We're currently working on expository and technical writing in my classes. The TAG students have this year don't particlarly know how to use graphic organizers because they are "project driven." They're former teacher did not explain much else than those two buzz words.

Bruce Kirkpatrick said...

Web 1: charts are the best way I have found for advanced planning an event consisting of manny separate activities and a large staff of people. I allows you to spell out every activity you wish to have and then find out if you have enough staff and equippment or need to find some.

pamella said...

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