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Friday, July 13, 2007


"Physics4kids" is yet another website of the "4kids" family. It presents physics concept in a language that most students at the end of elementary school will be able to understand. There are quizzes throughout the website as the student get acquainted with the concepts to test their knowledge. The site presents the concept of motion including simple movements and complex movements, forces, acceleration, mass, lever, vectors, the three laws of motion, instantaneous velocity, transfer of energy and work. Even as an adult, if all of this is just a big nightmare of your past when you were in high school, you can relax and read through it. You will realize that it is not that bad.

Other topics covered include : thermodynamics (energy transfer, expansion, heat, temperatures, first and second laws of thermodynamics, enthalpy and entropy), optics (electromagnetic radiation, visible light, light structure, reflection, refraction, lenses and lasers), electricity and magnetism (charges, conductors, electric fields, magnetic fields, current, resistance, Faraday's law, Coulomb's law, magnet and AC/DC power) and modern physics (nuclear physics, quantum physics, radioactivity, fission, fusion and reactors).


Mr. Schuetz said...

As a physics teacher, I want to warn you that the physics4kids site seems to be written by someone with only an elementary understanding of physics. Do NOT rely on the information. It is carelessly and recklessly written and propagates lots of incorrect information that will only make it more difficult for students to really understand physics. Go somewhere else, like which is an excellent site, written by physics teachers, referenced many times by the National Science Teachers Association, many textbook authors, and tons of other physics teachers. And it isn't a money-making site like these "4kids" (aka 4profit) sites.

Solaris said...

As an alternative I also suggest this site: