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Monday, July 2, 2007

Kids Gardening

Gardening may be very beneficial for youth. "Kids Gardening" is aimed at helping young minds grow. The website includes a teachers' resource room and a family resource room. You will find many classroom projects and activities and some classroom stories. If you want to get a greenhouse at your school, there is a "how-to" guide. In the teachers' room, there are lesson plans, stories, projects and web resources. Subjects include pollinator, hydroponics, plant-insect interactions, seeds, Dutch Gardens bulbs, greenhouse and harvesting. The family room include articles about the following subjects : Gardening at Every Age, What Turns Kids On and Off to Gardening, Start With a Design, Growing Big; Garden Structures Kids Love, Theme Gardens, Plants Kids Love, Starting Small; A Place a Kid Can Call Her Own, Who’s Taking Care of This Garden Anyway, Gardening Safely and So You Don’t Have Time and Space for Another Garden.


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Kids Gardening - A paradise to teachers.

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